Half American, Halv Svensk. Grew up in Seattle, now living in Stockholm. My life has been a beautiful and messy mix of my Swedish and American heritage – from tip-toeing into my parents’ room with Saffron rolls for Sankta Lucia, to roasting a whole pig on a gigantic custom-grill for Fourth of July. When I was living in the U.S. I often found myself feeling like I didn’t quite fit (“Wait, your mom only lets you have candy on Saturdays?!”) and now that I’m in Sweden, I don’t feel I quite fit either (“You don’t like Julmust?! How un-Swedish!”). Instead of dwelling on where I lack in each of my cultures, I instead plan to fuse the two together in this food blog! Cooking has always been important to both my American dad and my Swedish mom, and is now a something my husband and I enjoy doing together. I hope this blog can be useful for Americans living in Sweden who want to know how replicate their favorite American dishes, despite lacking certain ingredients; Americans with Swedish roots who want to know the best Swedish recipes; Swedes who are interested in American cooking and culture in Stockholm (it seems to be a big trend right now); and of course, family and friends of ours in Seattle who miss us and want to see what our life is like in Sweden (and maybe get a good recipe or two out of it!).

I hope this blog satisfies all of those needs and more – enjoy!


Note: in each recipe I try to include the Swedish names of the ingredients and a conversion of the amount, to make it easier for those in Sweden to make. However, conversions are not always exact (sometimes I round up or down a bit to make it an easier number). I don’t think the changes are major enough to do harm, but just thought I’d put in this disclaimer!