Mom’s Easy Pineapple Pie

Mmm, Swedish Pineapple Pie...wait, what? Swedish + pineapple are not two words you'd think would go together...but it's true, this is a Swedish recipe for pineapple pie! To be totally honest, I didn't realize this was a Swedish recipe until I was visiting my aunt last weekend and told her this was going to be my … Continue reading Mom’s Easy Pineapple Pie


Glögg, Two Ways

Christmas in seems almost like a match made in heaven...and it really is! One of the most beautiful and special parts about being in Sweden over the winter holidays is the plethora of cheery Christmas markets. You can't help but get into the Christmas spirit while wandering around a Swedish Christmas market. Everywhere you … Continue reading Glögg, Two Ways

Swedish Pancakes & Pumpkin Soup

Many Americans don't realize that Swedish pancakes are actually not breakfast fact Swedes eat these thin pancakes (pannkakor) together with pea soup (ärtsoppa) as a traditional dinner on Thursdays. That's right... not a specific holiday, not a certain season, just Thursdays in general. Why Thursdays, you might ask? Eating pea soup and pancakes on Thursdays is … Continue reading Swedish Pancakes & Pumpkin Soup